1. When do you typically ship orders?
We routinely ship orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you have specific requests (i.e. I'm away on vacation - please ship next week, I am ordering for a family gathering - please ship ASAP, etc.) please contact us to let us know! You can also add your note in the 'note' field before checkout.

We HIGHLY recommend adding your e-mail AND your phone number during checkout in order for us to be able to reach you in case of product outages or other situations where your prompt response is required (i.e. incorrectly entered address, item out of stock - possible replacements, and so forth). This helps us better serve you and ship your products out faster/more accurately!

2. What type of shipping service do you use?
We ship our products via UPS Ground. Note: we do NOT ship to PO Boxes, please do not use PO Box addresses for shipping address.

3. How do you pack perishables?
We pack perishables in environmentally friendly - recyclable packaging that is as good as, if not better, than styrofoam box shipping. We also use reusable ice packs to keep perishables chilled.

4. How are shipping rates calculated?
Shipping rates are currently flat rate based on distance from our warehouse - which is in Newark, New Jersey. Flat standard rate is based on orders from $1 to $79.99. These rates may change without notice at any time.

5. Can I pickup my order if I live relatively close to your warehouse?
Yes, we do have a pickup option at checkout.

6. I live in the tri-state area, are you able to deliver to my home?
We currently do not offer this option.

7. My box arrived damaged, what do I do?
- Take photos of the box, inside and out, making sure to include shipping label and location of damage, if possible to locate.
- Contact us immediately and send us any relevant information: condition of the box, photos, and any information that helps us determine cause of damage.

- Refuse the delivery - this prevents us from making claims against the carrier for improper handling.
- Return the package.
- Throw away products before inspecting the damage. We would like to know where to fix packaging mistakes, if any.

IMPORTANT: Note that all refund requests must be submitted within 7 days of the package delivery date in order to be eligible for approval. Refunds or replacements of items will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

8. Is my personal information safe?
We take privacy very seriously - personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, etc. are not shared to any third parties or anyone outside of Polish Food Direct.

9. Is my payment information safe?
Absolutely. In fact, we do not even see any part of your transaction - all we see is what type of payment method was used! No credit card numbers, no expiration dates, no three or four digit codes and so forth are even accessible to us.

10. I would like to gift my family/friends a gift card for your store - do you have a gift card available?
Yes! Please click here.

11. Your products look great, but I live outside of the United States. Do you deliver internationally?
Unfortunately at this moment we do not ship internationally - though we have heard from many of you from all over the world and are working on it!

12. You have so many products to choose from - how do I know which are top sellers?
We are working on providing a 'Best Selling' filter that will show you our top selling products to make it easier for you. Also, be on the lookout for bundles!

13. My favorite item is out to of stock...what do I do?
If you are interested in knowing when it will be back in stock - shoot us an e-mail and we will gladly give you an update.

14. How do I know if a product is any of the following: gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO, etc?
We are working on updating the description field for all items, though in the meantime feel free to contact us with any specific questions and we will do our best to assist you!

15. I love your products - do I get discounts for buying in bulk?
Due to the high costs of packaging and shipping multiple products for big orders, we are unable to offer bulk discounts. But, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of our page) where we send exclusive discount codes and special offers!

16. What happens after I place an order?
After you place an order you will receive a confirmation e-mail with order details, including products ordered, prices, and your shipping/billing addresses. Once the order is packed and ready to go a shipping label is created, at which point you receive a shipping confirmation e-mail which includes tracking information.

17. Help! I noticed after placing my order that I provided incorrect shipping address (or any other information)...what do I do?
It is crucial you double check the spelling of the shipping address - that way we will avoid delays. If the mistake is made already - contact us as soon as possible by e-mail at and we will make it right! Please include the order number in any communication with us so we can match it with the correct person.

18. Can I leave instructions for packing?

At the end of your order you can find a "note" field. Any extra info will be forwarded to the packing team - it will not be send to the carrier of your package. Please do not leave notes for the delivery service (UPS, FedEx, etc.) such as 'leave by backdoor' or 'please ring doorbell'. These notes are only meant for those packing and shipping out the orders.